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Andrii Danyliuk
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Hi there ;)

My name is Andrii Danyliuk, and I'm a web developer with a deep passion for digital marketing. I have extensive experience in designing websites, their monetization, and promotion, making me an ideal candidate to support your business in the online world.

My skills include:

  • Website Design and Development: Creating responsive, attractive, and functional websites tailored to client needs.

  • SEO and Optimization: Enhancing website visibility in search results, leading to increased traffic and better performance.

  • Google and Facebook Advertising: Effectively managing ad campaigns on major networks to increase reach and conversion.

  • Website Monetization: Implementing effective strategies for earning revenue from your website.

I am looking for new challenges and opportunities to use my skills in creating value for your business. If you are looking for a specialist who can help you succeed online, please contact me!
Why is such a talented specialist looking for work? Shouldn't the work find him instead?
Andrii Danyliuk
As a specialist from Ukraine, I've spent about 15 years creating websites for clients in Russia. However, in the face of Russia's aggressive war against Ukraine, I made a conscious decision to stop working for the Russian market. This decision, important to me from an ethical standpoint, resulted in the loss of about 90% of my income. Now, I am looking for new opportunities and challenges where I can continue my passion for website creation and digital marketing, while staying true to my values.
Are you interested in an in-office job, or do you prefer freelancing?
Andrii Danyliuk
I am open to all collaboration opportunities. I am ready to relocate and adapt to a new work environment, whether it be in an office team or carrying out projects in a remote collaboration.
Is Wro TU! ( your only personal project?
Andrii Danyliuk
Absolutely not. Throughout my career, I have created a number of websites, mainly for my own needs. I have always placed a special emphasis on creating user-friendly websites that are optimized for search engines, primarily Google. My experience includes both designing and developing sites in a way that meets the highest standards for both users and search engine algorithms.
Do you work independently, or do you have a team?
Andrii Danyliuk
Although I am an experienced specialist, I do not work alone. I have my beloved wife by my side, who is a professional Google Ads manager with a Google Partners certificate, which comes with many benefits. As a team, we are capable of creating, promoting, and making profitable any project, both offline and online. Moreover, if needed, we have the option to engage our acquaintances from various fields of the internet business. This allows us to provide comprehensive and high-quality services tailored to the individual needs of our clients.
What exactly have you worked on or continue to work on?
Andrii Danyliuk
My work encompasses a broad range of activities in the field of digital marketing and website development. I specialize in creating websites, their promotion, as well as managing advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook. I also handle affiliate programs, monetization using Google Adsense and similar tools, and link trading. My experience and skills enable me to effectively support online projects from their inception through to commercial success.
Do you use modern technologies in your work?
Andrii Danyliuk
Definitely, yes. In my work, I actively employ modern technologies, including those based on artificial intelligence, as well as advanced analytical and monitoring tools such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager,, DMOZ, and other AI-based systems. These tools allow me to conduct in-depth analysis and optimization of websites, which is crucial for effective digital marketing.

I encourage you to contact me at for any questions, including those related to financial matters. I will be pleased to answer all your inquiries.